Proudly Founded in Toronto

Canada lays in the shadow of the

America's concrete jungle.

We are here to change that.

What We Stand For

Evolving construction from its primitive form to a beautiful process and results. The mission is to advance building technology alongside automation of construction.

The 4 Pillars of Construction

Our 3D printing technology enables all four pillars needed for the future birth of structures.






May 2021

The Beginning

The learning cycle begins to establish expertise on the problem and foundations.

June 2021


A cubic 2m gantry concrete printer and concrete prints. Seeking partnerships with Canadian architecture firms to design a building fit for Toronto or central Canada. Or any firm who have a similar vision. Experimenting concrete mix solutions.


Stay tuned for updates.

Based on the progress and development of the printer, mix, and designs, the first print will begin sometime in 2022.

Questions or want to tag along?

Message me on Twitter! @GavinYua