Our Progress

Tag along with our progress to bring Canada to the moon! 🚀

May 31, 2021

Bill of Materials Created

We established a list of parts we need to create the gantry printer. Totaling nearly $5000 CAD. A custom extruder design is in the making.

This would be personally hard to finance at an early stage for us, so we are looking for some grants or small investments.

May 28, 2021

Prototype Designed

After spending days and nights on innovation, the simplest and most feasible way was a gantry 3D printer.

We tried awesome designs such as delta printers, scara arms, and even mobile brick laying robots!

But sadly, they were not feasible, cost-efficient, or even within our skill.

Placeholders for when I finish the renders for my CAD model.

May 11, 2021

The Beginning

This was when the company was born. A firing passion for a Canadian startup, architecture, and 3D printing merged.

From dreams, to paper, to Microsoft paint, to reality.